FP4 Fairphone OS Android 13 -> FP4 /e/OS-stable-S (Android 12)?

This monday, I am scheduled to assist an unexperienced Fairphone 4 owner (apparently his first smartphone) in switching his FP4 from Fairphone OS (Android 13, Android security patches from December 2023) to /e/OS. I would really prefer to get him on stable, not on dev because I’d rather he gets future major upgrades OTA.

He told me he already installed the Easy Installer on his computer (Windows) and only got through some of the very first steps (he wasn’t able to complete unlocking the bootloader yet).

My main questions now are:

  1. Rollback-protection – can I switch his FP4 from Fairphone OS Android 13 to /e/OS Android 12 at all without bricking it? If yes, what do I have to take care of to avoid bricking?
  2. Or should we rather wait with the whole installation until /e/OS-stable for the FP4 is on T?
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Number 2, for number 1 you need Fairphone OS Android 12 preferably. And to install T you can’t use easy installer.

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