FP4 - Fingerprint unlocking is whimsical and collide with power button actions


I recently activated fingerprint unlock and while it does the job, erh, a fair amount of time, it seems to me that the functionality is a bit unreliable.
Not necessarly on the detection itself, but rather on the delay management.

It seems there can be a very short time between two scans (which seems characterized by a short vibration) when your finger moves even so slightly or isn’t totally on the sensor. I’d say largely under 100ms. While this may probably help the phone to be reactive, it also means than on a decent bunch of tries, the vibrations happens within a very short timespan and the phone quickly turn into locked mode for fingerprints (usually under a second).

The second perverse effect is that whenever I attempt to turn on the flashlight through a long press on power button (screen locked), very often the phone will attempt a lot of scans and lock the fingerprint detection.

I think an option which would allows us to configure the delay between two scans would help making it a bit more stable. This way it would be easier to prepare the phone for a triple handling : fingerprint unlock, emergency call and flashlight.

Lastly, it seems that the phone resume scans quickly after locking the phone, resulting in unexpected unlocking because, well, you lock the phone with power button. I think a 3-4 seconds delay after locking the phone before scanning again wouldn’t hurt.

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Can only confirm the issue.
The topic was briefly discussed here:

but not so many people reported being annoyed.
This is so far the biggest complaint I have on e running on a fp4 (and which is otherwise a rather smooth experience).

Bought a Murena FP4 and I am encountering exactly the same issue. I very often need to unlock the phone with my Pin Code because too many unlock tries have failed.
I hope a future update will manage to fix this issue.

Same here, it would be really helpful if fingerprint scan frequency was reduced.
For FP4 on Android11 it felt like the frequency was about once every 100-500ms, which was fine.
On e.os it’s irritatingly faster.

Yes, this is annoying for me too. It would be great to have it configurable, but on the other hand better default settings (delays) avoiding abovementioned problems would be sufficient.

Same Problem here with a Poco Phone. At the moment i use an other finger to unlock, but that´s not an nice workaround.

Same problem here. Fingerprint scan frequency should be reduced, I think that would solve the problem.

I have the exact same problem. Casually picking of the phone and daring to touch the power button results in a staccato of haptic feedback and almost always locking the fingerprint unlock before you even had a chance to look at the screen or actually pushing the power button.
In the stock FP4 OS, there was an option in the security settings to change the behavior of the fingerprint sensor, so the phone needs to be waken up first before it becomes active. This option would be nice to have in /e/.

For now I have installed the AdminControl app from F-Droid which lets you disable the fingerprint unlock without the need to have your saved fingerprints deleted. So at least I can still use them within other apps for authentication.

I installed yesterday the 1.5.1-s version (android 12) and for me the problem is now gone. The frequency seems to be what one could expect, at least when I touch the sensor with the ‘wrong’ finger, I get the time I need to lift it off again before reaching in what seems to be a fraction of a second the max number of attempts.

Hope the update solves the problem for others as well!

It’s better on android 12 but still not very good. We can’t choose to only read the finger print when the power button is pressed.
I have still unwanted unlock.

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