FP4 no notification sound, only ring

Hi there,
I tried few parameters to enabled notifications sound for Blabber and SMS for instance and it doesn’t work.
I got vibration and ring if there’s call .
Any ideas of this problem ?

Many thanks in advance.

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Are you aware of the Settings > Search feature?

When you search for ‘notifications’ there are multiple hits to continue to search through !

yes I’m aware…

After last update I’m under /e/OS 0.23-20220413178020 and same sound problems !
In fact when I restart my FP4, everything is ok, and sometime later (3 or 4 hours) no sound again !

Is someone using FP4 (and Blabber or K9mail for instance) is facing this ?

I’m using FP4 and I get no vibration from incoming messages, did you manage to solve this in the meantime?