FP4 OTA Updates?

I bought a FP4 at the Murena Shop. It has been delivered with /e/OS-Version 1.2-r-20220726206059-stable-FP4. As stated in the forum /e/OS-Version 1.3x is out and a couple of users report a successful update.

My phone doesn’t offer any OTA-update, even when searching manually. So my question is if there are usually OTA-updates available and their availability shown or do I have to download and install them manually? Can that be done on the phone itself or has one to flash the image-file via adb or recovery?

Thank you for any support.

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Hi @HarryRag welcome to the /e/ forum.

In general, often the downloads are released in batches, perhaps to optimise bandwidth and reduce errors through the system.

In the case of FP4 it would seem the update was pulled to allow an updated 1.3.1

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Thank you, aibd.

That means that I just have to be patient, right? So the update should be offered within the next couple of days and the notification will show up automatically…

Speculation … the implication, as no real timescale is provided, is that we are not able to see when the release will start, it might even need a certain amount of testing before release. If not seen by Monday, maybe the weekly #development-updates will have a progress report. I am sure you checked the preferences (say daily) in the updater, so anytime you look at it you can see when last checked … then automatic, yes.

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Thank you once again. I surely have chosen the daily-check-option from the beginning - the day I got the phone 10 or so days back. Just keep on waiting on the update. Beside that I am happy with the FP4 so far.

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Just to keep you informed. Update to 1.3 successfully installed today after searching for an update manually. Thank you, aibd.

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