FP5: Callers cannot hear me. They hear me if i call them back on speaker phone

  • receiving calls and switching to speaker phone - they still cannot hear me.
  • calling them back immediately every time, with speakerphone on, only then can they hear me reliably.
  • seems to be ok when on bluetooth headset. (i turn off bluetooth for the other calls)

Could it be the screen-turn-off sensor, for when i hold my phone to my head?

  • FP5 with all the latest OS updates, and app lounge updates.
  • Im travelling in the US currently but need to be able to receive calls while im here.
  • Last time I was in the US, in early july, callers could hear me but quality was poor/unreliable.

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Perhaps you need to recombobulate your time displacement dingledorf on your autoborobicycler?
Due note you may feel some slight discomfort during the process.

Wish you best of luck traveler.

On a more serious note, you may try disabling VoLTE in the Settings if possible. There are some devices where the audio handling will actually change paths for IMS calls.