Free DNS providers you may want to consider

Providers Tested

Let’s compare them and see how fast they are from across the world. Those were the top 8 free DNS providers that we chose to evaluate [ For those who care about privacy and security, some of these suggestions are clearly not options.]:

  • Google Private and unfiltered. Most popular option.
  • CloudFlare Private and unfiltered. New player.
  • Quad9 Private and security aware. New player that blocks access to malicious domains.
  • OpenDNS Old player that blocks malicious domains and offers the option to block adult content.
  • Norton DNS Old player that blocks malicious domains and is integrated with their Antivirus.
  • CleanBrowsing Private and security aware. New player that blocks access to adult content.
  • Yandex DNS Old player that blocks malicious domains. Very popular in Russia.
  • Comodo DNS Old player that blocks malicious domains.

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None of those are private by default. DNS queries are sent plain text to the web. Some of those dns providers might support DOH (ex cloudfare) that allows encryption of the dns query.
For as much as some of those companies preach they are private, they have a record of the opposite (ex. : google).

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Who is “we”?

Here’s a privacy-friendly DNS alternatives.


Even if the provider cross their fingers to not log on the individual level - in aggregate, DNS query data is valuable. You’d want to spread it over smaller providers.

So apart from privacy, check latencies with an App like com.catinthebox.dnsspeedtest or with cli tools like “mtr”. Anycasted services (quad, cloudflare etc) are of course very quick as a node not far away from you will answer your query.

Those are valid choices, but as I said, independent orgs or even privately run DNS servers can be more interesting, especially if they’re only a few nethops away.

As country choice can map to length-of-network-path, you could check with national offerings in the list offered by @PNJ88_Beast or at

For Germany/France there are non-profit Organisations, engaged in civil discourse like (DoT) - and the Lorraine Data Network


fyi, com.catinthebox.dnsspeedtest went into (2 days after app request), searching for “DNS Test” will suggest it. A test will show latencies over 4 repeated real dns queries to (and Ads too).

i use quad9 with DoH, that’s good and respectful of my privacy.

i wonder if /e/ heard about open-root.
alternative to DNS standard.

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