Free up space by deleting "Apps" user data

Hi /e/ community,

First a quick shout out to the /e/ team: I’m using /e/ since around half a year now, and it makes me happy almost every day (!) to be using a smartphone without the worry about sharing my personal life with random companies. Fantastic product, thank you!

Here’s just a quick tip. I noticed that “Apps” store was taking up a lot of space, almost 6GB today and I wasn’t sure if you can delete that, or if it’s being used by other apps. I didn’t find information on this. I turns out you can - it seems those 6GB of data were app-update packages, that you obviously don’t need any more after updating.

Settings > Storage > Internal shared storage > Other apps > Apps > Clear storage.


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Hi, pl raise this as a bug here sharing all details possible. It can be added as a setting to automatically clear the storage once it crosses a certain size.

Space usage comes from former install folders listing its sub-apks within “XAPK Installer-release/temp/..” at


I guess the code doesn’t handle yet the cleanup after installing from those extracted XAPKs. The entries get created within installSplitApks() in app/src/main/java/foundation/e/apps/xapk/XApkInstallUtils.kt · fe80a4c9 · e / apps / Apps · GitLab

(Cleaning up after regular .apk installs was done in Some APK are still available in Download (#1634) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab)


Hi Manoj, not sure if I still should raise a bug. It seems @tcecyk know much more on the subject?

@raphi - I never install that many Apps so without your finding I would never have checked. For longtime users this can sure be a problem. I follow up with others bugs and would be glad if you could file this bug with your and mine details given

Got it! Will do it after the weekend, made a note. :slight_smile:

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