French paper in Le monde about ungoogled phone users advices

Short paper. not very well written. It melt few Graphene, Lineage, Calyx, Iodé and (mainly) /e/ users.
A user says that google still know our GPS location (we don’t know on wich os).
Is that true with /e/OS ?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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With Advanced privacy turn on, it’s not true… because the position could be a fake. I’m in Europe but for the phone GPS I’m in Chicago:

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thank you for then answer.
I don’t have AP, i have an old pie version.

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At the times there were discussions in this forum.
If I well remember, on G systems the gps data were collected even with gps off, but not in /e/.

But I’m not totally sure

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