Frequent crashes and freezes on Samsung Galaxy S5 (klte) - Android R


I installed one month ago the Android R dev version of /e/ on the Samsung Galaxy S5 (klte) of my wife. Apparently, there are only ‘dev’ versions of /e/ for this device, both Android R and Q. The current version on the phone is 0.19.

It works… however the device is often very slow and take much time (according to us) to open an app and display the content (eg. instant messenger, or camera app). Some times, it crashes and restarts automatically without any action from us.
Something else, (maybe not related to this?) is the difficulty of the GPS to find the position, and when got, is totally wrong (some hundreds of km from our real position).

Note: probably the device is not perfect, but it has already run on /e/ (but I don’t remember if Q or previous…) without major issue like described above.

Is it also happening to someone else…? What can be done to prevent from these slows and crashes?
Should we better install the Q build? If yes, are there some recommendation to ‘downgrade’ to Q?

Thanks a lot for any help or idea!
Please don’t hesitate to ask for any additional information.

Hi @benj
I use an sm-g900i variant (kltedv) which also works well with klte builds.
I installed e-0.19-r-20211129148871-dev-kltedv on the day it was released. This is the most stable custom rom I have used for the past few years. So far only problem is Signal crashes UI occasionally when attempting to view a new message. Otherwise no problem.
You could try reinstalling latest Samsung stock firmware for your variant. Then move back to e rom. I used latest twrp as of November 2021. Formatted, Advanced cleaned all but SD card and flashed rom only. Hope this helps
Cheers, Phil

Hi @Duper
Thanks for your reply and feedback.
Indeed, Signal is the main app with slowness (but not always). Also, the default photo app (OpenCamera I think) has such kind of problem.
Well noted for the procedure of re-installing, thank you. I’ll see if the phone get stabilized with time (and with next update), and if really too boring, I’ll try to re-install.

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