From chips to apps, can Europe compete in generative AI?

I find this page interesting, it talks about the leads to follow to free our technologies. It applies to phones too in my opinion.

Why would Europe want to?

It would be far smarter to just be ready to pick up the pieces when the generative AI grift finishes smashing the American economy than to go to pieces with us.

Seriously, if you still think there’s actually any “AI” going on, please read:


When it talks about IA, it’s talking about the raw materials we’ll be extracting to build the integrated circuits. Then there’s the whole infrastructure, i.e. networks, submarine cables… And all this is what captures the big value behind artificial intelligence.

In the generative AI value chain, there are European players at every level. Nevertheless, the page says that the infrastructure part is clearly a quasi-monopoly position for American players, and on the lower part, i.e. integrated circuits.

I can imagine what /e/ could do from chip assembly to the development of foundation models, data hosting or the development of highly specialised applications.

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