FYI: Shelter and bliss launcher don't get along well



I tried Shelter on /e/ and it seems to work great (although I don’t fully understand how it works*), only it doesn’t seem to agree with the bliss launcher.
Sheltered apps don’t appear on the launcher anymore and can only be launched through shelter - which makes sense, but after some time more apps that are not sheltered start to disappear and after a reboot suddenly only sheltered apps are shown.
You can then basically only launch those apps if you happen to get a notification from them.

So my tip: If you want to use shelter install a different launcher first.

Also: If you don’t want your sheltered apps to communicate with G%§$e disable device registration, cloud messaging & safetynet in the shelter’s microg settings (microg is automatically cloned to the shelter and the settings will be set to default even if you changed them before).

*Btw, does anybody know where I can find an extended guide on how shelter works? The readme e.g. doesn’t say whether sheltered apps can access eachother’s data. If so I guess one shouldn’t shelter too many apps or you’ll risk leaking lots of data again.

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Thank you for raising this problem and providing details about shelter-usage.
It would be great, if you could create a bug-report about this issue on


Could be related, someone reported similar problem about icons disappearing using Yalp, and re-appearing after reboot in the French category:

Shelter is using the “work profile” creating some kind of a sandbox for a subset of apps (for work) not accessing the personal data of the other ones (private). Assuming it does not do more than that (since not documented), it would mean the apps under the working profile are not isolated from each other. Anyhow good idea to use Shelter / work profile to isolate apps not privacy-compliant / trusted itill aalternatives availablefor those.


Maybe shelter just enhances this already reported icons disappearing bug, which I also encountered once.

@patrick thanks for the explanation. By now I realized Shelter can also freeze apps so I guess the right thing to do is shelter and freeze all big brother apps and unfreeze only one at a time when using it.


it seems to be a general shelter problem because on my syberiaOS phone all shelter apps are gone after rebooting.
It has nothing to do with the launcher.


You mean the are completely gone, not just from the home screen? That’s not the same issue then.
For me they only dissappear from the home screen and with a different launcher - one that does’t automatically put all apps on the home screen - everything works fine.


one mine it’s gone from shelter. The shelter screen is complete empty. But on home screen menu the apps are available but the won’t start.
It seems that shelter has a lot of problems with some custom roms.


Is this problem solved for you guys ?
'Cause for me, Bliss Launcher never worked, I guess because of shelter.

Maybe it will be worthwhile to make a fresh install when 1.0 will be out…


I haven’t used Shelter for a long time, but now I downloaded it to test if the issue still exists and bliss launcher is completely broken all of a sudden. It just keeps stopping.
I uninstalled Shelter and everything is back to normal.


Ok it’s exactly the same here. Thanks for your test !


I think this is a quite significant issue, because the sandboxing capability is an advantageous feature for judicious smartphone usage. By the way, it works great on my LineageOS device.

However, this is not the only case when some third-party application conflicts with android’s work profile API on which Shelter is based.