G7 Plus, XT1965-3 (sort of) bootloop, SIM cards not detected

I am running into problems with this device. I am not new to Custom ROMs, but this one gives me a headache. I followed the steps to the letter (as well as copying the A/B partitions (which is not an optional step if you don’t want to brick the device, but not mentioned in your guide) and I see the following happening:

The installation seems to work smoothly. However, when the device boots up, it apparently cannot “see” the SIM cards, shows both GSM slots as offline. As long as I keep the USB cable plugged in, I can do everything. But as soon as I take it out, within a couple of seconds the device reboots. From what I can tell, twice and then goes to a recovery screen saying that

“Can’t load Android system. Your Data may be corrupt. If you continue to get this message, you may need to perform a factory data reset and erase all user data stored on this device.”

I did so multiple times, to no avail. I also tried to run through the installation again from the very top, but I keep getting the same issues.

I would be grateful for any ideas to resolve this.

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I just wanted you to know that you are not alone in this. I did not encounter the SIM slot issue you are having but everything else mirrors my experience with my brand new XT1965-T except I hard bricked mine multiple times and had to communicate to the otherwise dead-looking phone through the Qualcomm driver/blankflash method. Cue my soft crying in the background.

I was throwing hail Mary’s at the end of two days of fiddling with this thing. The last things I did (and still don’t know if this was of consequence) is make sure I had e installed on both A and B. It still “looped” shortly after unplugging from USB. I left it plugged into my computer while I pulled my hair out and made dinner for my family.

When I came back to the phone after about an hour or two, I unplugged the USB cable and had no looping! WTF, right? I cautiously went through two manual reboots to see if I could recreate the looping and it has been stable ever since (1 week now).

I am not knowledgeable enough to know if there was something going on between the phone and the computer drivers or adb/fastboot that was causing the USB-unplug loop (made that term up) or what else played a role in the problem & solution.

Here’s hoping you are up and running now and figured something definitive out with your phone. If so, it would be great to hear what you did to fix the issue.

Hang in there!

Thanks for the reply! I already thought I was the only one having that problem, which would have made me really look bad. :wink:

No blank screen, no hard bricks luckily though. So far. I only noticed during some of the re-flashes (that one, I made up) that a bright white light at the front camera stays lit all while the phone is connected to the computer. It goes out when I remove the cable.

The SIM card issue seems to be persistent.

I did that A/B copy job with the ZIP file mentioned in the Lineage OS guide. Is that what you mean?

For mine its not a continous loop, it reboots exactly twice before throwing the recovery error message.

You are right, “loop” doesn’t really describe what happens. Your description is quite complete and just what I experienced, too. I think the white notification light stays on when the battery is charging, among other things.

Yeah, the A/B partition copy was what I was referring to. Once I had e installed on both A/B partitions, I used TWRP to alternately boot into the different partitions. My phone is currently on the A partition and still working well.

Oh, and somewhere along the line, I installed the LineageOS recovery as well. I just saw that as I booted into recovery to figure out which partition was active.

I still don’t really know if I’m contributing to a solution here. There’s another thread on this community where the user hard bricked their XT1965-T and then brought it back from the dead. But it sounds like they did what you are trying. I’m asking if they experienced the USB-unplug problem you and I had/have.

Happy New Year!

Hi both,

I’m definitely not an expert, Lake is just the second phone I customize, anyway I got out of a similar problem just taking out the SD card from the tray and reinstalling the ROM.
Give it a tray, hope this helps.
Good luck!

BTW, my phone is still not able to read sim2, but at least it is stable and read correctly sim1

I have exactly the same issue with the same phone. I followed every step mentioned in the installation doc, and I also installed everything multiple times (with a SD card installed and without) but the problem remains.