Gadgetbridge any advantage?

With Amazfit GTS2 and Zepp app with all data turned off (wifi and mobile), is there any advantage to using Gadgetbridge?

I cant seem to get the bloody pairing code. So if no advantage, I would rather not waste my time.


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The biggest advantage in my opinion is the ability to get rid of proprietary software of the manufacturer. Except the installation of new firmware for your GTS2, this can only be made by Zepp. So after all you don´t have to use or even have Zepp installed on your smartphone (except for optional fw updates) and gadgetbridge works like a charm.

Turning wifi/mobile off doesn´t mean that Zepp isn’t collecting informations. And you won’t disable the connectivity forever, so the collected informations could be sent at another time if your device is online. Except collecting/tracking or connectivity is restricted by - for example - Tracker control or a firewall (AFWall+) or similar solutions. So i think it’s more privacy related to switch from Zepp to gadgetbridge.

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El-Barto, thanks for the reply.

I do use Tracker Control as well.

If you are very worried about the Zepp app, you still have to register with them to use it, so they get some data straight away.

If you want to do a firmware update, you need to use the Zepp app. The first thing the app does is sync the watch data, so again they get more data. You could try to remember to do a factory reset on the watch each time before connecting to the app in the hope that clears all your data.

Does GadgetBridge add any more functionality? Can you copy music to the watch using it. I don’t have any luck with music with the Zepp app.

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You’re very welcome…

Yes, you cannot really prevent them from getting at least basic informations about you. But there are ways to make some distortion to this kind of informations. Altogether that was fine for me, because i really wanted to use an amazfit smartwatch with gadgetbridge.

I used the GTR2e, which had no storage space onboard, so i unfortunately cannot tell you from my own experience about using gadgetbridge for copying music to the watch. As listed here it seems you cannot or at least not yet. My watch was bricked after the last firmware update with Zepp and currently i have not decided which one to use next.

Here is a feature list from codeberg: Gadgetbridge - but i don ́t know if all of this is correct, because “Firmware Installation” for all devices is listed as “YES” and i never couldn’t figure out how to do this with gadgetbridge.

Installation truely can be a hassle, when it comes to the auth key, but in my case the manual from codeberg was absolutely correct and it worked fine.