Gaël talks on BSMARTTV

Gaël talks on BSMART about Open Source and , on the set of Smart Tristan Nitot Jean-Paul Smets Daniel Glazman Mozilla Tech, presented by Delphine Sabattier

Pl note this is a link from LinkedIn and discussion is in French

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I wish there was a link that wasn’t on a sectarian website that looks like a panopticon …

Edit : Kind of found it :

Do you have an idea how man people are reached by this format (incl. target audience)?

< 1000 persons
< 10k maybe

OK, thanks. I had no idea but it is good to know’

From what I understood, it’s a B2B media watched by start up guys and corporate nerds. I watched it entirely and boy it was such a waste of time. It was a poor usage of Gaël’s time … Anyway, I hope he had good reasons to go there.
I’m not criticizing going to media, but such confidential media to say so little thing (Gaël talked like 2 minutes when you add it all), I don’t get it.


I listened to the podcast, and I have to agree with @Baguette … I hope that the video was more insteresting…

same for me, I listened to the podcast (October 7). Nothing related to mobile OS. Minute 19:15, Gael Duval says a few interesting words; I understood that, unlike Mozilla, open source in general is gaining popularity. but again, no info that is really relevant to us here.

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