Galaxy A5 2016 (a5xelte) fin prochaine ? end of life?

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Je viens de voir que la page consacrée à ce terminal n’était plus disponible sur le site de lineage.
Dois-je craindre une fin prochaine du support par /e/OS ?

I have just seen that the page dedicated to this terminal is no longer available on the lineage site.
Should I fear an end of support by /e/OS soon?

Hi @saroumane38, I cannot explain that. But I still see

I see that the LineageOS Github includes an 18.1 branch, which in my judgement makes it count as active. You should not fear an end !

Thanks @aibd for your research.
It’s a good news this branch 18 for my terminal.
But I saw that the most recent update is over than 7 months old. Is it really encouraging?

The last image with microG is from 15/04 which gives me hope :wink:

Yes Official LOS is dropped, but all Unofficials (as /e/ or Los4microG) can still be build

Merci @piero
J’espère vraiment que /e/ va continuer à travailler dessus.
Pouvoir garder à jour ce ‘vieux’ terminal toujours fonctionnel est vraiment un gros avantage de /e/

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J’aimerai l’année prochaine fêter les 10ans de mes s4 et s4mini…

I 'd like next year, to celebrate the 10 years of my s4 and s4mini

oui ce serait un beau challenge :wink: