Galaxy A5 2016: good choice?


Not really my ‘dreamed device’ but…

My son has an asset (€) at a french refurbisher store and a second device to repair, I accidently droped in stones my old Moto E 2015 (screen works but cracked from back left to top center and battery is more and more quickly exhausted).

A5 2016 (510F) is now officially supported by /e/ and there’s a Lineage 17.1 on XDA, so both can use this device (I don’t already know who will…). This device seems to run a good hardware, isn’t too big (145x71 mm) and we can expect a long use for few money…

@A5 users : what are the known weaknesses and the real qualities in daily use, please ?

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i have the A3 2016, it’s a really good device for the price. But, it is getting a bit slow. Not sure how much memory the A5 has, but for the future i would recommend a bit more memory than the A3 has.

Hi @trefix,

where can you find new or refurbished A5s (better if at a reasonable price :slight_smile: ?


Having recently installed /e/ on both an A5 - quite easily - and an A3 but with more problems that I related here more due to problems with the Heimdall and the recent TWRP that I flashed, I would say, as @Rik does, that the A3 could suffer a little with intensive browser use as it has half a gig less of RAM, but that said in ordinary usage I doubt that it makes a great deal of difference - certainly the person I flashed it for has no complaints and is a definite improvement on the MotoG she had before, on top of that her smaller feminine hands appreciate the smaller and thinner size of the A3.
Both devices are running the latest Pie version of Android and the only difficulty that I had was with the synchronisation of her e-account as there seems to be a problem with importing vcf files for the Contacts app. This has been evoked elsewhere and seems to be a bug affecting the ecloud service and not the devices themselves. Unlike the older Oreo version the new Contacts app doesn’t seem to be able to create contact groups, and as you seem to be a French user, I would be careful of accented characters in your contact list. I suspect that the export function you might use to save your contacts doesn’t handle non-Unicode characters and when I repeatedly tried to import the vcf file on the ecloud site it failed each time until I removed all trace of French accents.

Obviously this might be an important function for non-QWERTY users in other languages as well, so I would advise trying to convert a vcf file exported via the Contacts app using an online conversion tool to a csv file for example. If you get an error message or unreadable output then my suspicions will be proved right.

Having experimented recently with the ecloud server I discovered that its export function seems to work correctly, so perhaps just relying on a synchronisation update might work after installing /e/ on a new device.

By the way, the A5 I bought from Backmarket’s French website. Less than 150€.

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Thanks a lot !!!

Thank you for the information


No more ‘A5 2016’ since a few days… I ordered a different device (always from Ecofone), Samsung too but not ‘e.official supported’. A bit smaller than A5, will be best for my pocket :wink:

Just bought a refurbished Galaxy A5 2016 (thebackmarket). Installed E Pie on it. Works fine, although a.t.m. I have a problem with updating to 0.14

Btw. mine was a SM-A510FD which is not in the supported list, but it did install without problem (maybe the D version is included?).