Galaxy A5 (2017) - “a5y17lte” - Audio of phone calls does not work

Hello everybody,

yesterday i proceeded by installing /e/. Installation seemed successful.

Unfortunately the audio in phone calls does not work. Or better it works but at maximum volume it is barely audible and noisy (practically not usable). It is almost like it filters out voices and doesn’t filter background noises. I am heard perfectly on the other side of the call, so i guess mic and connection are good. Tests were performed on the phone using 2 different sims.

This happens both with the phone app or Telegram. While in the recorder, audio seems to work fine.

I haven’t found any setting to adjust the audio, only volume levels.
Any suggestion on how to proceed?
Should I try to install an older version?
Obviously audio quality is critical for us.

thank you for your time!

Yes, that is a good way to compare.

An alternative would be to install the last build of LineageOS 16.0 and test if the same syndrome occurs here.

Thank you for the help.

Yes i was already considering to installing Lineage. I did, but I didn’t notice you were suggesting the last build of 16.0 . So i went for the .

With that build the audio improved, in the sense that it is not noisy anymore. However it is still very low, barely audible. If i turn on the loudspeakers it has a normal level. In my previous /e/ installation the loudspeakers were making the audio audible but still noisy.

Anyway, this makes the phone usable but not convenient.

Now I am considering whether go for the last build of lineage 16.0 for testing reasons, or trying directly an older /e/ build , probably.

I will keep you posted.

Thank you for your help
Best Regards

Short update.
has the same behavior of

Good audio quality but very very low.

I wander if i missed somewhere an audio setting. But currently always have it to maximum.

I try an older version of /e/. My last attempt for this week end.

Best Regards

seems to behave similarly to e-0.11.

Audio is very low and of low quality, background noises amplified more than voice. Audio in LineageOS has higher quality but still low.

I have also checked the GitLab issues related to the a5y17lte:

It seems there is a general problem with the audio.

One similar to mine which i have confirmed:

Best Regards

Little update,

I switch back to the latest stock ROM and the problem persisted. Thus not directly related to /e/ or lineageOS.

Hoping to solve the problem buy manually changing the coded level of the “audio gain” for my device. does anyone here knows how to do it? or has any other suggestion?

thank you very much

Thanks for this input @luc979 …Pl can you add the stock details and your observations to anyone of the Gitlab bugs quoted above
The vendor updates for the firmware would have stopped one of the reasons why eventually popular devices end up getting dropped from supported lists.


Any updates in this suject?

I have the same problem with a S9+! With lineage the sound on the ear speaker was almost 0, barely there. With E/ OS the sound is low and distorted, but at least is there. Anyway it’s not a big issue as I usually use the bluetooth earbuds or the loud speaker which works great… But it would be nice to hear the loudspeakers in stereo as it does with the Samsung original ROM.