Galaxy A5 2017 kernel

Does /e/ have a kernel fork for exynos7880 ?
If not, where does /e/ get the source code from?

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if you can’t find the device forked at devices · GitLab with pointers at other source repos it probably uses what LineageOS is using (their universal7880)

Tried to find it there, didn’t find anything.
And there are no proprietary blobs or anything like that in the Lineage kernel?

this kernel repo is what the a5y17lte uses. Iodé has a separate repo but I don’t think e/OS is using it.

What do you really want to know? kernels themselves don’t have blobs in them, thanks to the GPL - you have some interface and than go on load the proprietary blobs / modules externally.

Lineage, iodé and e/OS do have them for the GPU, camera, wifi, lte modem, the many sensors… they live in a separate vendor repository that you can look up.

You can go full OSS to a high degree with some devices (Librem, Pinephone) also outside the Android realm.

I have e/OS/ 1.8 Q
it means i need the version from lineage-17.1 ?

you already got that one… what are you trying to achieve? I’m dumbfounded

(but yes, this is the source tree for your Q version… very likely)

Well, I wanted to check just in case, maybe Q uses version 19.1 because it was updated in 2022 and kernel 17.1 in 2021 :confused:
Thanks anyway

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ah, because you’re worrying holes aren’t patched? yes, sad reality.

If Samsung drops the ball on the devices 3.18 kernel it will not go further much. Depending on SoC there are mainlining efforts, but not for the a5y17lte (see bottom page kernel repos APKBUILD , it’s a 3.18 still).

Newer devices are likely to use more robust facilities to fight the kernel fragmentation of the first Android decade

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No. The kernel is all open source, and built from source with each build.