Galaxy Note10+ SM-N975U vs SM-N975F

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ available refurbished on Amazon USA (two “Amazon Renewed” options = the link I used + one other link) defaults to model SM-N975U in my experience so far: I have one of these devices now, pre-installed with Samsung’s Android 12 and confirming model SM-N975U in Android settings.

The d2s support page says /e/OS installation is only supported for the single model SM-N975F. I am trying to gauge the consequences of proceeding vs. the likely futile process of repeatedly exchanging devices until I get a SM-N975F by luck… there is no way to communicate with the provider that I can see, with no way to request a specific model number or to make the sale contingent upon a certain model.

I’ve installed /e/OS before, as well as LineageOS on many devices, so I can assume the general risk but would please like to understand any specific risks from anyone with direct experience with /e/OS on the Samsung platform:

  • The U in the model name appears to represent Unlocked: could this possibly cause a difficulty in installation beyond whatever is signified by F in the model name (a certain carrier / country)?
  • If there are known risks or failures with the d2s installation procedure on model SM-N975U, what are they?
  • Is the F model the only one listed as “supported” because it’s the primary or most validated testing model or because all others were determined to be incompatible?
  • (Hopefully) based on users’ successful installation experience and/or informed technical expectation, is the particular F model not a strict requirement… as long as it’s a general “International model”, i.e. not a particular Japanese model, as listed on the Wikpedia page box?

SM-N975U vs SM-N975F - the U in SM-N975U stands for USA.

The device page lists

SoC Samsung Exynos 9825
Models Supported
Other models are not supported

I ran a search SM-N975U vs SM-N975F and came up with

Chipset Exynos 9825 (7 nm) - EMEA/LATAM
Qualcomm SM8150 Snapdragon 855 (7 nm) - USA/China

I don’t have first hand experience of the device but the traditionally locked bootloader in the Qualcomm Chipset will be the fundamental reason the USA model is not supported.

Double check with device codename

Samsung,Galaxy Note10+,d2q,SM-N975U
Samsung,Galaxy Note10+,d2q,SM-N975U1
Samsung,Galaxy Note10+,d2q,SM-N975W
Samsung,Galaxy Note10+,d2s,SM-N975F

USA users have warned against Samsung due to proprietary VoLTE issues. Know your hardware - Samsung

During 2022 USA Carriers moved to VoLTE. Samsung’s implementation of VoLTE is proprietary and has not so far been reverse engineered for custom ROMs

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U is USA, in USA they say unlocked but it is carrier unlocked (carrier free)
U1 is for USA too but linked to a carrier

none of them have an unlockable bootloader
thanks to USA administration, samsung is autorized to sell devices but only with USA brand chipset, they cannot import their own exynos processor

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Thank you both @aibd @piero for your responses. I hadn’t known about the “device codename” tool and wouldn’t have guessed the device I bought is actually the different code d2q. :worried:

Without an unlockable bootloader of course this model has to be returned since we are blocked for any custom ROM: surprising because I’d observed the Galaxy series were well supported on LineageOS. It’s also disappointing to hear about the proprietary VoLTE & thanks for pointing out that thread with the other Samsung problems.

I do wonder if the N975F is regularly available on the market anywhere & would also be happy to hear if anyone finding the most basic features of the Note 10+ appealing (wide aspect ratio, no-5G option) has found a similar alternative, compatible with /e/OS, still reliably available in the USA somewhere. :pray:

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