Galaxy S5 G900W8 Chromecast

Using the above phone I’ve always had difficulties casting to a device.
If I’m using the Tidal app usually only one or no Chromecast devices will be visible. However, if I open the BubbleUPnP app it can see my Chromecast devices and connect to them and play music.
This isn’t a problem with the app because Spotify behaves like Tidal too. So BubbleUPnP must look at things differently so maybe that’s a clue.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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If you want to play Tidal music on your phone, then you could try this way. Due to the protection of Tidal songs, it requires you to use a DRmare Tidal Album Converter to convert Tidal music as local audios first. And then you can put Tidal songs on your phone for playing directly.

That answer doesn’t apply to my issue in any way whatsoever. I’m sure you didn’t actually read my posting.