Galaxy S5 ROM size

Hi there. I’m curious to know why official pie build for Galaxy S5 (klte) is so large.
/e/ Official Pie - 751mb
/e/ unofficial Pie - 644mb
Lineage Official Pie - 459mb
Thanks in advance.

Me too.
Another comparison: lineage-16.0-20191106-microG-klte (Official) - 489 MB

If I knew who is building for us I would ask them directly.
Otherwise everything is going great. My g900i is humming!

Main reason is the additional apps which come in as part of the /e/ OS. LOS default has very few apps. Checked with the dev team and they mention that apps in the /e/OS for e.g. bromite browser is almost 100MB in size, lIbreoffice viewer is 60MB in size. Then we have a magicearth too which is 35 MB.

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Thank you for following up. Much appreciated mate.