Galaxy S7 Edge via Easy installer (Compatible)

Hi to all, I follow the instructions set by the easy installer, which recognise my phone and starts the installation.
after several minutes, while on the phone is still saying “downloading” the Easy installer asks me to reboot the phone first switch it off with " volume down+ power+home" then he asks me to switch it on with “volume UP+power+ home”. on the phone it does not appear what the EI says, I see the little android man " installing". after I while it stops with a warning signal “NO COMMAND”. after few minutes a black screen appears asking me to reboot the phone, below there is the following error message: "#fail to oopen recovery_cause (No such file or directory)#
#repoot recovery Cause is unknown
no support single sku
file- based Ota
supported API: 3
#manual mode v1.0.0#
Successfully verified dmverity hash tree.


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I have been dealing with this issue too and researched for hours. So I am happy to help someone out…

The common problem installing TWRP on most Samsung devices is that on reboot, the stock recovery will overwrite TWRP.

Google flashing TWRP on Samsung Edge 7 with Odin. Follow the process.

IMPORTANT: The phone will automatically reboot when flash is complete. AS SOON AS it starts to reboot, press and hold volume up and home to get it to boot into recovery. You have to be quick and catch it when it starts to reboot or stock recovery will overwrite TWRP.

Then you will find yourself in the TWRP screen and can continue installing the /e/ ROM.
This worked for me.


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I have used the easy installer, do I still need to download twrp app?

How do I see that the phone is flashing?

I only see “downloading, do not remove from the source”.

Thanks for your help