Galaxy S7 g930f sd card


New e user, I’ve flash e on a Galaxy S7 version 0.7-2020031745615 and look like SD card isn’t recognized. As it s a refurbished device, I ve test everything before flashing except SDCard.

So does SDCard is working for you on S7 device ?


Hello @brvier, Yes microSD cards of different sizes and manufacturers work in a Galaxy S7 - “herolte” SM-G930 with /e/ OS at least as well as with StockROM.

Format the microSD card with FAT32 or exFAT on your desktop PC, depending on the memory size, and then “adjust” it again in the S7.

Thanks, indeed I didn’t see it, and didn’t see any logs about sdcard with adb after inserting it. Could be a hw problem so.

Even twrp didnt see my two sdcard formated with fat32 :frowning:

Check it out (OS Wind°ws)

Type: chkdsk ¹D: /f /offlinescanandfix and press Enter.

This will automatically check and correct the errors found on your microSD card.

¹D is the drive letter of your microSD card.

Gnome-Disk format them without any problem :slight_smile: The two cards works on an other devices (galaxy a3)

Just tested: S7 with /e/ OS e-0.7-n-2020031345025-dev-herolte and a new microSD card not yet in this S7. The reaction of the S7 in pictures.

Before the OTA update to e-0.7-n-2020031745615-dev, the microSD card was removed. After inserting it, the message appeared: “New… SD card dedicated” and an immediate access to the data was possible.


So after putting device in little pieces, the SD slot look like ok, and pin are well connected to the pcb (Not easy to test without microscope) but nor Stock firmware, nor Lineage, nor TWRP can see the SD Card. So clearly a broken SOC.

Thanks for your help.

I look forward to hearing from you when you can announce another fully functional refurbished device (S7) with /e/ OS.

Yeah i ll try to see if can catch an used motherboard, but dont expect soon, i can t move from home :slight_smile: :fr: