Galaxy s7 nougat or oreo?

I am new to the e project and consider to install e os on my old Galaxy S7 but I see that only nougat and oreo are available and nougat is the stable option. Which version should I choose? I am surely not a geek (but also not completey ignorant). And is the e-version of nougat still supported? Thanks!

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Hi @Whimm welcome to the /e/ forum. You already saw the install page for your phone and most of the answers except for a judgment call are on that page, but let’s put them here !

Downloads for the herolte

To understand the Different build types read this guide

Both are showing a similar history of updates, notice , v.0.17, 0.18, 0.19 … at , what, monthly, 6 week intervals. The dev lags the stable, partly due to the stable being held for a while to ensure bugs have been eliminated. The judgement which to choose is a nice one. The majority of users probably use a dev build and it works fine – on the months I am feeling less adventurous I hold off installing an update till I have heard if there are any bugs. It is the sort of question you could toss a coin about, unless the phone was going to be particularly important to keep fully functional, say for work. From the way you say “my old Galaxy S7” I would suggest the dev build.

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There was no update on the stable branch for quite some time. Is the Phone even still supported? Or is it an update in the making like the S9 got? Android 10 would be lovely.

thanks in advance!

This is an active topic, mentioned for instance here Week 19, 2022 : Development and Testing Updates – /e/ may well have to drop support for devices without a ROM maintainer.

However we see a LineageOS device tree to Android 11 GitHub - LineageOS/android_device_samsung_herolte.

Edit I have been trying to get interest from /e/ users who do not want to take the full responsibility of a ROM maintainer, but who might be able to collaborate to provide /e/ devs with an extra degree of community device support for devices which are already maintained by contributors to a fully operational device tree (just like this device !)