Galaxy S7 poor picture quality

Hi all,
Everything works perfectly on my galaxy S7 with /e/ but the camera.
Preview are wonderful put saved pictures are very poor quality whatever the camera app I use.
In OpenCamera I tried all settings I always get very low quality pictures… Is this a known issue?

Hi, welcome in our community :slight_smile:

In Open Camera settings, is “Camera 2 API” activated ? If you don’t see such a setting, it’s not available for your device. It increases the quality.

I already enabled this settings without any improvements… :unamused:

well I enabled it again et rebooted and now it is better but way too far from the original quality.

That’s the downside of free software… I don’t know if something else can be done, let’s wait for other replies.

We do have often discussed this here in forum and in telegram group. The picture quality is notvso good as on original, but as @anonyme has wriiten, that’s the price for custom roms and more privacy.
If you really can’t live with the quality you can search xda for ya gcam port for your device. Could be that there is one. But if you will find and use it, your privacy is gone , because every googlevapp is collecting your data

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As @Anonyme and @harvey186 have already mentioned good quality camera software would be proprietary and not available as open source. We are working to improve the Open Camera code and are also hoping of a tie up with the OpenCamera software developer Mark Harmon.


Thanks for your answers.
My concerns is that this information is not available to buyers on the main site…
Also does all Samsung phone are concerned by the low quality pictures issue?

Thanks for the feedback. We will add information about issues for purchasers on the site.

Hello Manoj,

firstable I am a big fan of /e/ OS and have been using your OS for a year now. Thanks for all your work!

The only thing I really don’t like is that I can’t take pictures with the S7 because of the bad image quality (overlay filter artefacts as described by many community members). One reason why I bought the refurbished S7 last year in your online shop was because of the good image quality of the phone. There was no information before the purchase about the problem with the camera software.

One year ago you wrote “We will add information about issues for purchasers on the site”.
but until today there`s no information on the site. On the contrary, to this day the following is written there:

(…)The Galaxy S7 is a strong performer with a great combination of premium metal and glass, improved picture quality, water and dust resistance (…)
and “Camera in perfect condition

Sorry, but I don’t feel that this is fair and transparent. I love /e/ OS but but I would be happy if finally the information of the camera problem would be inserted in the S7 product page. Also I would be happy if we could find a solution for my phone. I have now waited patiently for 1 year and would be happy about an offer now (e.g. exchanging with another phone etc.).
Thanks in advance
PS: Yes, I`ve tried everything, hours for hours, checked camera api 2 and many other camera apps but nothing worked :frowning:

Hi @spreadlight,
My apologies for the issues you faced with the camera on your S7. I am passing this to the sales team. Thanks for pointing out that the issues are not mentioned on the eShop site. Will ask the team to correct the documentation.

Hi Manoj,
thanks for your quick reply and passing this to the /e/ sales team. Then it is clear to the users before the purchase that artifacts can occur in the images. And they can decide to buy or not to buy.

Is there now a solution for the camera problem? Can we otherwise find a solution for my phone please (exchange etc.)?

Thanks in advance

You can write with details to and we can take it up from there.

Thanks for the quick answer Manoj, then I will contact the support by mail.
As already written I am otherwise very happy with /e/ and very grateful for this project. Thanks a lot to you and the team behind the project!