Galaxy S7, SM_G930W8

Tried using the Easy-Installer to flash a Galaxy S7 (Model No: SM-G930W8)
This model has Exynos core, but still got the below error message.
snap shot is here:

That’s really strange since /e/'s website states that this exact model is supported by /e/ OS

Hi @jkalayathil let me pass on this detail to the developer. There are multiple versions and country specific variant in Samsung. If this message is showing up then this particular variant may not be working with the Easy-Installer. Will get an update from the developer and if required contact you for more details.

Wait for the team response, it may just forgotten in the easy-installer code.
You also could try to install it manually :

Is anyone looking into the issue that I had highlighted above ?

Hi @jkalayathil I had passed on details of your issue to the developer.
We were discussing how to handle this issue…an option proposed was to display the list of devices which are compatible with the easy installer. For e.g. under the S7 tag there would be multiple devices. Not all versions and models may be supported as yet.
This has to be made obvious to the users before they try to execute the application. I will check with the developer what the proposed solution will be…will update during the week on the progress.

Thanks for the update.