Galaxy S8 Musik App

I’m happy using my Samsung Galaxy S8 with e dreamlte 0.9-2020062560240. There is only one problem considering the Musik App Vers. 3.0: It just plays the right channel. When I change in the settings to Mono-Audio both earphone speakers play (just mono as it has to be:-)). When I set the mono troggle to off, the current playing song is in stereo - but the next song playing there is just the right channel.
I tried some other music player apps - the same problem! But the RadioDroid app (for internet radio) works correctly in stereo.

Any idea?

Best regards

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you can check here and add a new issue for music app

the problem is solved. I went to settings (of the phone) - apps and notifications - musik - notificatins: there I changed notifications to on. No stereo sound works! Don’t know what notifications have to do with stereo sound??

Thanks for your assistance

yeah, I’m coming from mainframe world and when I look into Android compiling / coding … it’ a pain. In German I would say: Es ist Flickschusterei’ . No really rules where what is to define. The credo is: As long as it is working, it’s fine.
So I don’t wonder about your issue/ how you gotten solved it.