Galaxy S8 stuck on boot logo after update to 0.20

So i have recived the 0.20 update and have downloaded it and went for the install, after it got into twerp and did its thing it restarted like it should and booted to the “Samsung Galaxy S8 Powered by Android” boot screen, but it has been stuck at it for an hour now which is super concerning. I didnt touch it in case i would mess something up and brick it, i have quite some data on it and it would be super bad if i lost it to a bricked phone. Is this normal, please help!

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Hi @Shiro,

First, try to reboot !
If it is not sufficient, boot to TWRP, and install the previous /e/version. You should find it in “/data/lineageos_updates”
If you find too much versions there, make a clean because it takes space.
if it is not there, stay in TWRP, and with another device, download the /e/.zip file from the site, and copy it into your phone internal storage, or SDcard
Then using TWRP, wipe /system, and install “previous /e/”

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I rebooted and it fixed it thanks!