Galaxy S9 access point (hotspot / tethering) not working

Hi there,
i’m running /e/ on a Samsung S9 (Starlite)
I’m not able to use the S9 as a wifi hotspot or BT Tethering (both works well in my other /e/ phone, FP2).
When i turn on WiFi Hotspot on S9, the computer connects to phone via WiFi:

  • WiFi connection from PC to Phone is ok:
    • PC ‘receive’ a valid IP (
    • From the PC i can ping the phone’s local IP (gateway:
    • From the PC i can ping the phone’s public IP ( /Settings->AboutPhone->Status)
      But then, i cannot get further (no ping to outside IP, no web pages , etc).

The only ‘strange thing’ i can see: The phone does not display, underneath the “HotSpot icon”, the usual “1 device connected” message

Meanwhile the phone itself can perfectly access internet - browsing, etc (data connection of the phone is working)

Samsung S9 (Starlite)
Model: SM-G960F
Android Version: 8.1.0
LineageOS API Level: llama (9)
Build date: Sun Aug 15
Build Number: e_starlite_userdebug 8.1.0 OPM7.181205.001
65cde309b5 dev-keys, dev-release

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