Galaxy S9 Internet Access Stopped - 22/08/2022

I am a non-technical user and I can no longer use the Internet via GSM and I cannot connect to my WiFi. Up until 21/08/2022 everything was Cool, now I cannot receive emails or surf the web???

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can you leave some details as - /e/ version used, and if anything changed around the date it stopped working?

It’s weird for both mobile modem and wifi card not working at the same time. How do you determine working internet access?

Are both symbols for Mobile data and Wifi inactive in the “Quick Settings” menu (the thing you scroll down from the top of the screen)?


Please close this call.

The problem seems to be caused by corrupted communication settings, once I found out where to reset the communications settings everything started working.

Thank you for your time and for getting back to me!!

With Thanks


(Edward Hook)