Galaxy S9 Rebooted constantly this morning

I got my new /e/ Galaxy S9 last night and set it up with the apps that I use regularly. Went to bed, and when I woke up, noticed that the phone hadn’t charged at all. Little annoying, but I remembered from my CyanogenMod days that that was a thing, so I didn’t sweat it.
However, as I drove into work, and while I was at work, I noticed that my phone was rebooting constantly (maybe about 30 seconds to a minute of uptime before it would reboot). I managed to get the phone into Safe Mode, where the reboots stopped, and then rebooted again without any further issue (thus far).
I’m not sure what I could have been doing to trigger this, or where to find any sort of crash log or anything to find out what caused the problem. Anyone ever seen this? Is this what I have to look forward to for /e/? I want to protect my privacy and am willing to make some sacrifices to do it, but a phone that has that much of an issue is a dealbreaker.

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I’ve had the s9 from the /e/ shop since last december with no such issue (in fact with no problem other than the fact that I’m waiting for the Q update)
Hopefully it stops happening for you, otherwise you should be able to use the warranty to get a new one

Pl send a mail to with the details.

Defective or incompatible apps, even apps that interfere with each other, could be the cause.

To isolate possible errors, I recommend starting from the factory state and installing one app after the other, checking in between that everything is working correctly.

It is likely that your /e/-Galaxy S9 - Refurbished is a warranty case, but not very likely. After all, it has been checked by specialists, isn’t it?

I understand that that’s one way to try to isolate the issue, however it seems kind of inefficient. As I said I observed no issue last night while setting everything up. Is there any sort of crash log that could be generated that might show the issue a bit more?