Galaxy S9/S9+ Android upgrade (currently Q)?

Hello all.

Can’t find this information anywhere, so asking here …

Are there any plans for an Android upgrade (from Q to R at least, or more ?) for the Galaxy S9 / S9 + ?

If so, when could it happen ?


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You can follow development updates in this part of the forum :

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Thanks @MRTN.

Any idea of when it could be completed ?


Hello @Manoj any ETA ?

No ETA as yet on the S9/S9+ OS OTA Upgrade. Will update through the weekly development updates

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Its been mentioned since week 5, so could still be a while away.

In the gitlab you will also find some indications.

  1. There is a Group Milestone starlte/star2lte Android 11
    There is no expire-date and 6 open issues, now. Most of the last upgrades came up with one open issue.

  2. There is a Iteration “May 1, 2023 - May 12, 2023”
    The date is more than just starting date. Not that is concluded during the period of the point.

Goal 2: start migration development for a new set of devices

from A10 to A11: starlte
from A11 to A12: emerald, GS290

So, it seems these phones will jump straight form Q (10) to T (13), and within a few weeks, if I understand correctly [LIST] Devices which will be getting upgraded to /e/OS T.
Thanks !

It’s would be awsome, and imagine if there is an OTA upgrade for the S9/S9+ :smiley:

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Hi @Manoj
I have a small question regarding the Samsung S9/S9+.

As it is one of the devices that will be upgraded to android 13, will I have to upgrade to android 11 by OTA first ?

Will the upgrade to android 13 be done in OTA for this device ?

Thank you in advance for this clarification :slight_smile:

For now, the OS OTA upgrade is from 10 to 11. We may take up OTA OS upgrades to 13 later.If there are any plans for that will share the same.

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Merci @Manoj pour toutes ses informations