Galaxy S9 SM-G960U1

Hi, had to replace my old battered Black Phone. Found e., checked out phones that it would work on and purchased a Galaxy S9. Right size, AMOL screen, water resistant, wireless charging. Got the ‘unlocked’ model which, in this context, means not tied to a specific carrier. My bad, I did not do enough research. The current US version is very different from the EU version. As far as I can find out, no one has been able to install a new ROM on it. I see progress on the S10. I wonder if it is similar.

I agree: The Galaxy S9 is a great smartphone and especially less sensitive than the Galaxy S7.

Samsung’s USA Galaxy S9 with Snapdragon is available in an “unlooked” version. But even if this device should have an unlockable bootloader, this does not mean that maintainers will take care of this device. The custom ROM development work is considerable including TWRP recovery build.

I see that the S9 is still running on oreo. It would be great, especially for those who supported the project buying a preinstalled phone, to have an android 10 upgrade o a pie one at least.

Does anyone know if / e / works on USA version S9 (model SM-G960U1)?
Any one has tried to install it in one?

Hello @Carlos_Llorens,
Samsung’s North American models have a different processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon) than the EMEA (Samsung Exynos) models supported by /e/. Please see also …