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Hi, I’ve been told recently that it’s not a good idea to try to install /e/ (currently android version 8 for the S9) on a S9 that is up to date (stock android 10 or even 9). I was planning to buy a second-hand S9 and try the installer about to get released. So I don’t know what to do anymore…
Will I have to wait that /e/ updates its version for the S9 to android 10? Why isn’t there any mention on the website of the problems it could bring if this really is a thing? What is the interest of an installer for the S9 if it can’t take care of up to date S9? Is there an update to android 10 planned for the S9 /e/ version?
Thanks in advance for you answers

In the short term, not really. /e/ OS p-Pie is on the to-do list with security. But when the upgrade will be released is not yet certain.

See also …

Thank you for your answer. Too bad i would have loved to buy a second-hand S9 to install /e/. I guess I’ll have to buy a S7 and wait for android 8 update of /e/ on this model.

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The current /e/ should install on a s9, at least I did it last month with an up to date second-hand (It was at least android 9, might be 10) s9. Only a bit fiddly getting the TWRP to install because of the security measures of Samsung. This thread also list people installing it on the pie version Help installing /e/ on Galaxy S9.
Though the wiki for the s9 now says you shouldn’t downgrade, it didn’t say that last time I looked. It is probably added by mistake, it was for the s8 according to this post Samsung Galaxy S8 - warning.

Hi esdeboer,
thank you for your assistance. I found usefull hints in this thread and was able to install eROM with the tool TWRP. The only problem was, that there was no possibility to make a copy of the Samsung ROM (maybe a case of encryption). The data partition couldn’t be mounted. So I just wiped it and installed eROM over it. It works - and I’m happy :hugs::hugs::hugs::grinning:.
Thank you

Hello to the /e/ community !

I have just subscribed as I have recently obtained a Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F) and I want to install /e/ os on it.

I am very interested by the posts of esdeboer and andykamp. Could you tell us the version of Android on which you could install /e/?

Mine is Android Q with the security patch of 1st February 2020. I have read several topics on this subject, and I found that it was not recommended to downgrade to previous versions of Android before installing /e/ (Install /e/ on device currently running Android 10 (specifically samsung s9)).

On the other hand, archje has advised this model for those who would like to install /e/ on quite recent hardware (New Android Phone for /e/ . Best purchase and what is supported).

Do you think from your experience that it is possible to install /e/, even on the latest version of Android?

Thanks for your advice.


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A downgrade from stockROM Android 1Q security patch of 1st February 2020 to stockROM 9-Pie is only possible under certain conditions, as Samsung has built locks into the bootloader.

If your StockROM Android 10 is PDA : G960FXXS7DTAD (Feb. 2020) you should be able to downgrade to StockROM 9-Pie PDA : G960FXXS7CTA1 (Jan. 2020), because the bootloader versions are compatible.

If it should not be possible, your Galaxy S9 “starlte” in Samsung-Download-Mode would display an error message [ Bootloader exception error ] and abort the downgrade.

Hello Archje.

Many thanks to you for your quick answer and your precisions, which are truly appreciated.

My version is G960FXXU7DTB4. So if I have well understood, I have to check for a Pie ROM containing 7 (bootloader binary code); for instance a firmware named G960FXXU7CSJ1 should be convenient?

Would then be possible (and preferable) to downgrade from 9 to 8 to install /e/ os?

Once again thanks, and I hope these details will be useful for those who are in the same situation than me. :slight_smile:

Hello @RayMcCoy,

Downgrade form StockROM Android 10 version G960FXXU7DTB4 to Android StockROM Android 9 version G960FXXU7CSJ1 with region code SFR is the only way Samsung allows! You are with the French mobile communications company SFR (Société française du radiotéléphone), right?

A further downgrade from StockROM Android 9 version G960FXXU7CSJ1 is not possible due to Samsung restrictions.

The installation based on stockROM Android 9 to /e/ OS Oreo 8.0.0 is then possible. Recently I accompanied a /e/ user during the installation.

Do it now! The time is cheap …

Good evening @archje!

Once again thanks for your answer: time is cheap but your knowledge is precious! :wink:

Actually, I’m not with SFR but with the Orange company, but maybe that’s not a problem. This S9 has been gifted to me and I am not using it at the moment. I consider that downgrading to this rom with code SFR may not be problematic as I won’t use it and then directly switch to /e/.

I’ll give you the results (thx for the link to other post!), and I hope you’ll be able to tell me “Welcome to the /e/ community!” :wink:

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Hello all !
As promised, here are the results.
One week of meditation after, I decided to flash.

Installation was successful. If it can help:

  • I downgraded from Q to Pie with the build XEF-G960FXXU7CSJ1 without any trouble.
  • I installed TWRP and made a complete clean as explained here step 8.
  • I then tried to install /e/ but stumbled on the famous Error 7, just as on the topic Archje mentionned.
  • So I patched my device as explained by the wiki with the right vendors with ADB sideload.
  • At least, I could install /e/ with adb sideload too.

I can confirm to you that /e/ is perfectly installed on a Android 9 base.

Thank you all for your help! :slight_smile:


That’s just great, @RayMcCoy. Welcome to the /e/ club.

Thank you very much for your kind words. I know they come from the heart. I’m also very pleased to have won two satisfied /e/ users. @Popescu, welcome to the /e/ club.

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