Need Volunteer Testers for these 3 Samsung Exynos Devices

We need volunteer testers from the forum users for the below 3 Exynos devices
We have ported /e/ OS to these 3 devices to Pie

Samsung s8 dreamlte
Samsung S8+ dream2lte
Samsung Note 8 greatlte

Those interested in testing can send in these details to

/e/ email ID (optional)
Tester Name (optional)
/e/ Gitlab ID ( required)
Telegram username (required)

[ Need the gitlab ID to add your name to the testing project , telegram ID is need to add your name to the telegram /e/ testing channel ]

Please note: Only users who have experience of flashing their devices with stock and /e/OS ROM’s need to volunteer for the testing.

Update: the /e/ S8 dreamlte has been released officially check this link

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Don’t have S8, but it’s always nice to see eOS ported on some new device not from LineageOS list.

Yes, this is very pleasing and also image enhancing.

On the other hand, the first UNOFFICIAL lineage-17.1-2020xx.xx already work quite well.


I have a s8 and i’m ok for testing

Thanks pl send in the details as requested above

There’s an almost-stable (even if still unofficial) build - that I tested personally - of LineageOS 17.1 by Stricted @ XDA:

I’ll crosspost your request in his 3ad too.

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Lineage OS 17.0 is not in scope for this testing. The upgrades are only up to Pie.

Here we go, then:

That could be amazing to have an official version of /e/ os for s8 and s8 plus i have an s8 plus device but since I dont have a second one to switch for beta testing will keep an eye in the progress an I will switch when it’s ready time to move one from google

The official /e/ Samsung S8 is now available for download here

Great news!
Where could I find the test-build for Samsung S8+ (dream2lte)?
I have volunteered for testing already and received access on Gitlab, but I could not find where to download the test-builds.

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You will get the test builds on the test channel itself.

There is only a plain list of devices, no links. Perhaps the test-build is not ready yet for testing.
Maybe it’s a matter of waiting…

Just a question: why maintainers don’t open device-related 3ads @ XDA ?
It could attract more users, testers and, why not, devs.

Hi, I have installed the /e/ os on my S8 and have come across a few issues. Where can I log these issues?

You can log issues here. Pl share all details and logs where possible.

Any update about the official support of s8+?

Pl can you check the list here.. the S8 is in our list for Q update

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Thank you for your fast reply. Why does s8+ is not present?

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Sad I have never flashed my device, I am hopeful to see the S8+ with an official release so I can try! (Maybe with Android 10😏)

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