Galaxy S9 update from Version 0.11 to 0.12 OTA

I installed the /e/OS with the easy installer on a refurbisched Samsung Galaxy S9. The easy installer installed the version 0.11-o-20200831170820-stable-startlte.
Up today no OTA update was shown but I see the version 0.12 on the download site for the galaxy S9 ( -> []).

I expected that the version 0.12 would be shown for OTA update. I know I could update with TWRP. But I would like to use OTA update.

No, the ePhone is using the stable channel and the download you are pointing to is from dev channel.

Thanks for the answer.
I just wonder, because the link ist referred by the offical install documentation.
An still the question is open, if there is a OTA update to version 0.12 or if this update is not ready/planned.

Sorry, don’t know for sure.
@Anonyme are you know the update plan for ePhones ?

The OTA versions should be released this week. At present the team is testing the builds on various devices. This means OTA release of dev builds first and then the stable builds ( after a week min) for the devices sold from eShop.

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