Galaxy s9 vs pixel 4

Hi there,
I have the oportunity to purchase either a new Samsung Galaxy s9 or, a Google Pixel 4, also new.

Both devices show ‘no known issues’ in the device selector, but still, I would like to ask if there have been issues with either device,

I have no preference either way, I don’t mind the device specs, really, I just want to get rid of Google, get EOS on it, and runnit as reliable as possible.

Thank you

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I would go for the Pixel. My reasoning is that, while both manufactures are far from perfect :wink: Google actively supports open source and custom ROM developers, whereas Samsung seem to go out of there way to make life difficult for them. So I would rather give my money to Google than Samsung.

Though of course it’s never that straightforward,: according to Wikepedia the PIXEL 2

features an OLED display manufactured by Samsung

so Samsung will be getting some of your money

What about Fairphone ?

Haha yeah, everyone gets a piece of everyone

Thanks for the input, I did not think of that aspect to it, I will take into consideration.

Well, the fairphone is just way out of my reach budgetwise, and they expensive to ship to the americas, so, maybe next model will be cheaper.

They are not adapted to USA market (carrier deployed infrastructure), neirher the Galaxy s9 that lack voLTE running custom OS

Pixel is a better way for you

If you are in America definitely go with the Pixel. Samsung phone running customs ROMs seem to have more problems in America than they do abroad.

If you are in NA I would go look for a Google Pixel 4a5g as it has the 5G band and it’s working here in Canada on 5G and VoLTE calling works.

Ahhh hell, no headphone jack on pixels !?!?

Well, as much as it looks like a cool device, I do need my wired headphones,

And unrelated question, what is the deal with ‘2 simm cards, 1 eSimm + 1 Simm’ ?


My Pixel 4a5g has headphone jack.

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