Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Wi-Fi (2016) - gts210vewifi - beta - some things


i had installed previous unoffical /e/ OS, now i installed the official beta.

Some things are not as good as they had been in the unofficial version.

I created a second user for my wife.
I added a micro-SD-Card as mobile storage.
I can access it, my wife cannot (but she could in the unoffical version).
Interesting for Maps (MagicEarth), where i store the map-data on the external card.

I want to change the background (blue for the boys, red for the girls) to see easyly, who is logged in (OK, there is a little Icon on the right top). When i want to change it, i get the message, that the app is not installed.

When i use /e/ Data, there is black text and dark blue filling - it is hard to read the text.
Where can i change it?

Maybe interesting that i do not like the Bliss-Launcher, i installed the Zim-Launcher.


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The unofficial ROM from @argon3030 were and are very good, because they show a serious advantage compared to the /e/ OS ‘P’ gts210vewifi (beta): @argon3030 isn’t only a ROM-builder but also a Tab S2 user himself. He checks the most important functions on his device to use it himself and before he shares it with us.

Many official /e/OS ROMs are generated on servers without the device itself being available to the ROM builder for testing. There is no other way to explain why, for example, eROMs are released that then don’t boot or only boot to a bootloop or have other serious bugs.

Nevertheless, it’s great that /e/ intends to continue supporting this gts210vewifi even though Lineage has discontinued support. Thanks to the T/e/am.

=> e-0.16-p-20210318-UNOFFICIAL-gts210vewifi Thank you @argon3030, you’re superb :clap:

I installed the offered update, e-0.15-p-20210313105774-dev-gts210vewifi.
Fine, the security Updates are now from 05.02.2021.

This versions has the same faults as the one before.

In Options -> System there is no “systemupdates” - i think it was the same the version before