Galaxy Tab S5e: Annoying echo within all messenger video calls - experiences?

Dear community,

I’ve selected an S5e to use it as a big (secure) video phone for my grannies.
It turned out that during all messenger video calls I hear my own voice echoing and frequent squeaks caused by feedbacks. Tried it with Matrix/Element, Signal, Threema, Telegram. All the same.
Googled some posts elsewhere stating echo problems with certain Samsung devices, namely S5e, but with stock rom. No solution to be found.
The echo occurs only when using the speaker. With headphones it’s fine (but I cannot equip the elderly with BT headsets).
Is there anybody out there who can confirm or disprove the echo problem with this device?
Hoping now for the next /e/ R beta release since I’m running out of options other than selling this thing an find a different device with a screen size between 7 and 10 inch.


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Had not expected this behavior on stock OS. I would assume that echo cancelation is in the binary blobs, so if it isn’t working on stock…but I really don’t know.

Did you try with latest 0.21r release if this is fixed now?
I had some audio issues with my headphone with the older version of /e/ but now it is fixed too

Yes, tried the latest one recently:

The upgrade from 0.18 to 0.21 fails with a signature verification failure that cannot be skipped or confirmed.
Failure occurs within the lineage recovery that obviously came with 0.18.

I had this also on my Samsung S9+
I did a dirty flash - boot into recovery, format cache, then sideload via adb the 0.21 version

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That did it, thanks a lot!
The signature verification failure can be skipped this way. Great. :slight_smile: