Galaxy tab s6 lite or s5e?

Hi everyone, I really want to buy one tablet and install eos on it and I have the occasion to choose between s6 lite or s5e.
I’d like to use it like a media center so I was oriented on purchasing the s5e for the super AMOLED screen but is stuck on android 11 probably forever. The s6 lite have regular ips lcd screen but it will probably be updated up to android 13.
After installing eos, the android version is still important or not?
Any advice?

Thanks and sorry for my english

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S6 Lite






Hi @Zluca ,

If I were in your situation, I would go for the S5e.
But I have decided to wait for the /e/OS tablet. Nevertheless, at the moment, it seems that both S5e and S6 lite are compatible with the same version of /e/OS (S) and LineageOS (20 - corresponding to Android 13), so I would not choose based on latest Android update they could get…

Thanks a lot, I’ll probably do as you say. If anything I can go back and install LineageOS since the device is still very supported

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