Galaxy Watch4 Classic - Connection Problem

I installed eOS on my One Plus a few months ago and everything worked fine. Now I’ve bought the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and trying to set it up. But no matter what I try, nothing works. During setup, it asks if I want to sign in with a Samsung account, which I always skip. Then comes the question whether I want to send user data (optional), which I also decline. Then my phone screen stays completely black and the watch says “Waiting for phone confirmation”. When I close the Galaxy Wearables app and start it again, it says “Unable to set up your watch”. Has anyone used the Galaxy Watch 4 on eOS before and can tell me what to look out for?

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Hi @Lemming
Unfortunately I have no solution / help to offer, but your post awakened my curiosity … is it possible to use a Galaxy Watch 4 without privacy issues? A quick search in the forum allowed me to see that other users suggested different solutions than the Galaxy Watch 4 … better to avoid it?
Thank you

I’m in your same boat, I’ve not been able get around this either.

If the purchase of the watch was made after going Google free and with the intention of using on a deGoogled ROM, the homework should’ve been done first. One may be stuck with an unusable item unless another phone with Google is available.
Watches supported by AsteroidOS or Gadgetbridge would’ve been the ones to look at.

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There were a number of older threads with related subject. Search for ‘smartwatch’ or the like.

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Every Android Wear OS smartwatch powered by Samsung has to be synchronized with Wear OS by Google (download also possible via the /e/ App Lounge) at least once (also works without a Google account). Only then can the bootloader be unlocked or the watch communicate with a custom ROM like /e/OS in conjunction with Gadgetbridge (from the F-Droid Store).

I know this isn’t a direct answer your question but I’m considering switching to a Garmin smartwatch based on this thread here.