GalaxyS4 + Heimdall = What?

A few months ago I experimented with this eOS discovery on an old S4 and by God if I did not succeed the procedure very 1st try. Unfortunately it was a Sprint based CDMA and I found no one willing or able to unlock it so I could use it as an actual phone. $25 later I have an unlocked AT&T S4 that uses the same install procedure as the other S4, but this time I am looking at a procedure that was not part of the other install. This one is telling me to install software called HEIMDALL, and that there is no “build” available for Windows, and I have Windows and its bad enough wallowing thru the tech for the phone, but its telling me to follow some crazy ass procedure to “BUILD” it in Windows; like I guess compiling programs in C. This is wayyy out of my scope. Is this Heimdall thing essential, or is it just supposed to be a better way to install the eOS on the S4? This is getting a tad too hairy. I hope there is a better way.

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Hi, well Heimdall is a reverse engineered Odin. Odin is the Samsung tool that they have licenced to Windows. Once you find Odlin3 you are good to go!

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Fantastic! Actually this looks familiar. This is probably how I was able to install it 1st time! Thank you so much!