Gallery / File manager

Is there any way to rename files/screenshots taken with the phone in the gallery or file manager?

I’m using FP2 and selecting an image in the file manager offers in the menu “select all”, “copy to…”, “move to…”, and “rename” but “rename” is inactive.

To my knowledge, the gallery app offers no way to rename at all.

Can anyone help?


as fas as I know, there is no way to ‘batch’ rename, but file for file will work in file manager

I’m trying but still “rename” is inactive. I’ve got several screenshots in the images folder and selecting just one doesn’t help…

oh, I see, you are right. Rename is inactive. So you have to use another file manager like amaze from f-droid or simple gallerie from f-doid

Thanks for confirming and your tips!!

I hope that also someone from the dev-team would read this post and reply if I should report a bug. I would appreciate to know why “rename” is inactive and if there is a solution besides installing another app. That should be the last solution for me.

That will be the best, reporting abug

You can use that Gallery app and that file manager app from MobileSimpleTools.

It looks like in the Files-app renaming is disabled in certain “meta”-folders.

Renaming is disabled for me, when I navigate in the Files-app to the screenshot folder via “Main-Menu -> Images -> Screenshots”

But I can rename the same file when I navigate in the Files-app to the screenshot folder via “Main-Menu -> Device -> Pictures -> Screenshots”.

Can you please check, if this workaround works for you.

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I confirm it works, thank you. Precision :

In the File app : 3 dots at the top right > Show internal storage > Humberger button (main menu) > your device > Pictures > Screenshots > Select an image > 3 dots > Rename.

Thanks @Markus I can confirm the workaround for FP2 and it works for me. Anyway, I’m going to report a bug since a workaround shouldn’t be the standard.

@Anonyme: On my device the way is slightly different: Open File app --> Hamburger button (top left) --> SD-card --> Pictures --> Screenshots --> Select an image --> 3 dots --> Rename

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Does it allowed to create folder AND file? As most of file manager do not permit to create file…

Yes, Simple File Manager allow you to create a file. You just have to add the extension you want to the name.

Excellent, I can replace my old app by this one :wink: Thank you for the tips

Hello all,
I know that it is an old topic but I 'm not authorized to open a new one …

The only way to rename an image of the gallery App seems to be through the File manager App ( File app > My device > DCIM > OpenCamera > Select an image > 3 dots > Rename ). But when I go back in the gallery App the image is still with the old name ! The only workaround I found to refresh the Gallery App and the image name is to restart my phone.
Is there a more practical solution to refresh the Gallery App after renaming an image ?

I’m using nougat V0.15
Thank you for your help.

Using v0.15-pie renames the pictures instantly in the gallery App while using file manager app.

I would suggest upgrading the OS but you probably would have done it, so I’m afraid I can’t help further in this case.

Thanks @vic.fontaine but my old phone is not compatible with pie !!
Now I must determine if it is a problem with nougat or my phone …