Gallery / File manager


Is there any way to rename files/screenshots taken with the phone in the gallery or file manager?

I’m using FP2 and selecting an image in the file manager offers in the menu “select all”, “copy to…”, “move to…”, and “rename” but “rename” is inactive.

To my knowledge, the gallery app offers no way to rename at all.

Can anyone help?



as fas as I know, there is no way to ‘batch’ rename, but file for file will work in file manager


I’m trying but still “rename” is inactive. I’ve got several screenshots in the images folder and selecting just one doesn’t help…


oh, I see, you are right. Rename is inactive. So you have to use another file manager like amaze from f-droid or simple gallerie from f-doid


Thanks for confirming and your tips!!

I hope that also someone from the dev-team would read this post and reply if I should report a bug. I would appreciate to know why “rename” is inactive and if there is a solution besides installing another app. That should be the last solution for me.


That will be the best, reporting abug


You can use that Gallery app and that file manager app from MobileSimpleTools.