Gallery --> share photo via SMS --> bug

When trying to share a photo from the gallery app, and selecting SMS (Message), something is going wrong – i.e. in the screenshot, instead of being asked to select an SMS recipient from the Contacts, that field is showing the file path to the actual photo instead. This is on a Moto One 5G Ace with 1.11-s installed.

From all I remember, an SMS was never technically able to include a photo. That would probably require an MMS. I vaguely believe some users reported issues with MMS before, not sure if it’s supported, but I could confuse this memory with the Fairphone forum.

Correct, but that’s not a choice the user has to make. The SMS App of choice decides to send pictures as MMS, so choosing the SMS App to share a picture is the right way.

I can confirm this behaviour with the /e/OS default gallery App on 1.12.3-s-20230616300623-dev-FP3.

However, I don’t use the default gallery App, I’m using Simple Gallery Pro instead, and this works as intended, I just checked.

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I didn’t find a corresponding issue over at the GitLab … … perhaps you might want to raise an issue there to make the developers aware, give feedback, etc.

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