Garmin Connect installation


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Any suggestions how i can get Garmin Connect installed on my fairphone 3+?

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Aurora store is the easiest way :wink:

Aurora store og Aurora Droid?

Aurora Store (A Google Playstore Client) -

In early 2019 I had difficulties with connecting to my Garmin Watch through bluetooth (with the Fairphone 2 in my case). I had posted here without succes. Bluetooth: my Fairphone 2 doesn't find my Garmin sports watch
since then I see this post in french, they are mentioning a patch but the latest post of April 2020 talks about a sporadic connection issue (in this case with Samsung S7) Garmin connect ne fonctionne pas


One year ago, garmin connect was’nt enable to connect bluetooth of my s7 on /e/. After some month i talk about it on the forum and up the problem to the dev. And i do update of /e/ also and garmin connect works. I use aurora to download garmin connect and do update with aurora always. No problem.
I think garmin connect don’t like if we shut down some permission. It use a lot and many that are’nt interesting for me (i dont have my watch all day long). So when i stop to switch off permission i think the app work better !

Thank you :slight_smile: i got it to work via the aurora store.