General question about camera performance



Hello everybody,
I wonder if the camera performance will be the same after replacing Android with /e/ ?
I would like to use /e/ on a Google Pixel XL2 with the objective to degoogle the device.
From my understanding the camera performance largely depends on the camera app - in this case google software I assume…
So I would like to know what will be the camera app after installing /e/ and how will the camera perform with it?


Hi @mvdwehl do not have a Google Pixel Xl2 but on my MiA1 on the v0.2 build this are the camera settings -


Hi ! In my humble opinion open camera is far less effective than google camera hdr+ and night mode but you can install google cam apk with a unlocked bootloader and flashing cam2 api enabler to edit build prop in order to run g cam or enbale it with adb command


Hi Nikoleos, hi Manoj,

thank you for your answers!

So I would have to use both google camera apk and google camera 2 api, to get the original Pixel2 camera performance, right?
Is there a way to use these apps without them sending information to google?


I guess you can try to refuse g cam to access to the internet with a floss app lile net guard in order to prevent data mining from g cam. and yes camera 2 api for correct build prop are mendatory for running g cam


That’s why we need a build in firewall in /e/! Now you need to root your phone to do so. All not root solutions run a local VPN service.


Hm, I‘ve been thinking about your suggestion, Nikoleos:
I think I would both be fine with a restricted google cam apk or another camera app.

But it feels strange to me using an /e/ built that has an unchanged cam2 api in it.
How would I know that cam2 is not sending my data out?

Manoj, maybe you can say something about the camera api that /e/ is using by standard?


On the Camera 2Api here are some links from the net


Having said all that we have a number of issues reported by users with the camera on certain devices. /e/ is looking out for developers to help update and improve the code of the camera API .read all about it here


Thank you for the links, Manoj.
So are the current e-builts including camera2 api and if so which level?


The screenshots above are from the latest /e/ builds.