General question about camera performance

Hello everybody,
I wonder if the camera performance will be the same after replacing Android with /e/ ?
I would like to use /e/ on a Google Pixel XL2 with the objective to degoogle the device.
From my understanding the camera performance largely depends on the camera app - in this case google software I assume…
So I would like to know what will be the camera app after installing /e/ and how will the camera perform with it?

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Hi @mvdwehl do not have a Google Pixel Xl2 but on my MiA1 on the v0.2 build this are the camera settings -

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Hi ! In my humble opinion open camera is far less effective than google camera hdr+ and night mode but you can install google cam apk with a unlocked bootloader and flashing cam2 api enabler to edit build prop in order to run g cam or enbale it with adb command

Hi Nikoleos, hi Manoj,

thank you for your answers!

So I would have to use both google camera apk and google camera 2 api, to get the original Pixel2 camera performance, right?
Is there a way to use these apps without them sending information to google?

I guess you can try to refuse g cam to access to the internet with a floss app lile net guard in order to prevent data mining from g cam. and yes camera 2 api for correct build prop are mendatory for running g cam

That’s why we need a build in firewall in /e/! Now you need to root your phone to do so. All not root solutions run a local VPN service.

Hm, I‘ve been thinking about your suggestion, Nikoleos:
I think I would both be fine with a restricted google cam apk or another camera app.

But it feels strange to me using an /e/ built that has an unchanged cam2 api in it.
How would I know that cam2 is not sending my data out?

Manoj, maybe you can say something about the camera api that /e/ is using by standard?

On the Camera 2Api here are some links from the net

Having said all that we have a number of issues reported by users with the camera on certain devices. /e/ is looking out for developers to help update and improve the code of the camera API .read all about it here

Thank you for the links, Manoj.
So are the current e-builts including camera2 api and if so which level?

The screenshots above are from the latest /e/ builds.

If the query is about the OpenCamera App performance…unfortunately the issue remains the same. We tried to get in touch with the application developer but there was no response. Activating Camera2 API through the settings in OpenCamera is the best option we have for now. I have not tried this but you can also install other Camera Apk’s and check if the performance is in anyway different.