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I’m using an FP3 with preinstalled /e/. After installing the app I can’t get the map in it to show. Does anyone know a solution to this? On the website they are using maps from Openstreetmap, but I don’t know what maps the mobile app is using.

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It seems it’s using goolag maps :frowning:

Ah…and it doesn’t help to install google maps it seems.

Indeed it’s probably using Google Maps (there are some Google stuff in it).

Sadly I don’t think there is a solution, the Google Play Services are needed and it’s not possible in /e/.

Would be nice if MicroG (the open source replacement of the Google Play Services) could replace Google Maps by OpenStreetMap, but I don’t know if it’s doable or not.

Hi. Perhaps you can use c:geo as an alternative. I don’t have any experience with geocaching (actually will try it first time this afternoon) so I can’t compare it with the Geocaching app but it does allow you to use

C:geo seems to be the best alternative and I’m using it at the moment. What we are missing out on though are the so called premium caches, satellite maps and’s other app “adventure lab”.

Hi, I do use c:geo in combination with (or .fr, etc.) and find it to be a great open alternative :slight_smile: