German Corona Warning app

Dear all,

when I am about to start the German Corona Warning app for the first time, I get this warning (translated from German to English):

Safety note
We have found signs of administrator privileges (also known as root privileges) on your device. Therefore, there is an increased risk that other applications on your smartphone can access data on the Corona Warning app.

What do you recommend to do?

Although I don’t understand the point of the app after the end of the pandemic: If you still want to use the app now: Why don’t you use the version from F-Droid (without Google Play) (“Corona Contact Tracing Germany”)?

As far as I know it works without problems under /e/OS

The official App doesn’t like to run on custom ROMs like /e/OS. Enable to block this message until the next update and hit OK.

Or, like @Shakatus correctly pointed out, you can use CCTG, which is basically the same App, just more custom ROM friendly …

What end of the pandemic?

Many thanks @AnotherElk and @Shakatus!

I think the app will work, despite the warning.

However, I am also wondering what kind of security implications does it have (beyond using this app) if root privileges are turned on? I mean, can I turn off root privileges in order to have a secure phone? Or aren’t there any security implications from having root privileges turned on?

I have the f-droid version on my fp3+ witch /e/ Q v0.21. I see no message like you mentioned. It works normal, I guess. I get notification and warnings.
But it’s also in the /e/ OS App Store. The name is “Corona Contact Tracing Germany”, like in f-droid.
I have also stored my vaccination certificates in it.