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I have two devices in the race for privacy: my mobile phone and my laptop (Ubuntu)
I am impressed with all the well structured, up to date information about mobile phone privacy on the web site . I asked the ‘Redaktion’ of Mobilsicher if they could advice a similar web site about laptop privacy. They sent me these links: , and .
The reason for me to ask this is, that I see many security and privacy tips on the internet, but they all differ in their accents, and often a good explanation is absent.

I have been reading now a lot on the Kuketz blog. It is clearly written and, as far as I can judge, up to date and complete. Good reading for everyone has wants to evaluate how he/she is doing w.r.t. privacy and what still needs to be done.
Kuketz is mentioned in various postings in this community, so he is not unknown, but I thought it might be good to share this link for all the newcomers here.
Thanks to my secondary school I am fairly able to read German, with the help of a dictionary here and there. I wrote to the Redaktion in English and received answer in German. Voila! (french expression)
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Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


This recognised expert has formed a (negative) opinion about /e/ OS from his desk and recommends LineageOS.

The autumn is coming to an end, but a “data recording” … (“will follow in autumn”). has not taken place until today. But there is still time …

Nevertheless, many of M. Kuketz’s articles are worth reading, because verifiable information is given.


There’s another site in German I can recommend: Privacy Handbuch


@HenkK Thanks for sharing. That’s definitely a good advance that you got. Especially the first one is an important source of information for me. Just note: Mike Kuketz is a security expert writing in his blog (the one you mentioned), but at least as informative as his blog is the community that developed around his blog at All kinds of security and privacy related issues are discussed there. Definitely worth as well to take a look.


Thank you @SuzieQ. Unfortunately mr Kuketz is right about the /e/ project not being transparant over and about not holding themselves accountable over the state of ungoogling. These matters have been discussed in this forum. I for myself have found a way around these issues.

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thank you @ralxx and @rosetattoo !

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My opinion about these Websites:
Kuketz-blog is good for security purposes. I followed an instruction to set up a PiHole and it worked fine.
About reviewing an OS on paper instead in real life, would not recommend to care too much.
Golem and Heise ist good for staying generally up to date about technical subjects. Heise is especially good if you need verified downloads.
Just my point of view.


thank you very much @Roger !

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