Getting back Mail notifications

Hello there,
Sorry to ask, but since a few days I seem to have lost Mail notifications. They are set to ON in both app and phone parameters. At some point I wanted to avoid Mail draining the battery so maybe I changed an important parameter. I can’t remember what though, and nothing seems wrong when I look at params. Help needed! Thanks a lot.

My device: FP4 running 1.13-s stable


I could narrow down my problem to the fact that the Mail app simply does not run in the background at all. When I check my emails manually in the app, they are all coming at once and notifications appear all at once.

On my wife FP3 running the same /e/ version than me, Mail works in the background all the time. But I can not figure out any difference in our Mail settings.

What could I have done to prevent Mail from running in the background and how can I undo it?

Finally got my notifications again!! I dowloaded K9-mail, connected to Murena account, and got notifications. Then I exported the K9 settings and imported them to Mail.

NO IDEA what was the differences between the non functional settings and the correct ones, to me they look exactly the same.

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